Ambitine™ Feed Technology

  • Specifically designed for late finishing pigs (from 200-220lbs to market).
  • Supports immuno-competence and gut integrity for optimal performance
The late finishing period in swine production can be a critical time for certain stressors to become apparent such as increased intake and feeder competition. The heavier weights (290-300 lb) before market can also drive heat stress and other potential challenges (exacerbated by required antibiotic withdrawal). 

Supporting Optimal Gut Integrity in Swine

Nutritional programs are designed to optimize animal performance and production efficiency. Inclusion of functional ingredients, such as plant extracts, is all directed at supporting optimal gut integrity. Strategies that combine these tools are often needed to ensure success. High gut integrity results in optimized endogenous secretions which supports digestion and nutrient absorption. High gut integrity also requires less energy expenditure for maintenance; more nutrients are available for production parameters.

Ambitine™ Combines Key Plant Extracts and Acidifiers to Optimize Performance

Ambitine™ Feed Technology (Ambitine™ FT) consists of a proprietary and carefully researched blend of key plant extracts and acidifiers specifically designed to be fed to late finishing swine, optimizing their performance in the last weeks before market. These are functional nutrients that optimize immuno-competence and gut integrity thus supporting optimal animal performance. Several trials have demonstrated the capability of the key Ambitine™ FT components to support performance:

Ambitine™ Feed Technology Trial Results

A trial with 30 pens/ treatment (5-6 pigs/pen) evaluated the effect of key Ambitine™ FT components on performance of finishing swine fed diets without antibiotics. Dietary treatments were evaluated during Phase 5 (Corn-SBM-5% DDGS). The following is a summary of 2 trials (Oct-Nov 2012 and June-July 2013).

Results demonstrated:
Treatments Control Ambitine™ FT components SEM P< Difference
Initial BW, lb 204.3 204.2   0.93  
Final BW, lb 272.4 275.7 4.29 0.14 ­ 3.3 lb
ADG, lb 1.99a 2.10b 0.19 0.01 ­ 5.5 %
ADFI, lb 6.94c 7.18d 0.56 0.04 ­ 3.5 %
F:G 3.47b 3.40a 0.05 0.03 2.0 %
abMeans in the same row with different superscripts differ P < 0.01    (HF726 & HF729) 2012/2013
cdMeans in the same row with different superscripts differ P < 0.05

A trial was conducted in Missouri (during summer) using pigs from all gilt litters with 11 pens/ treatment and 9 or 10 pigs/pen. Pigs were fed a Corn-SBM- 5% DDGS diet from 230lbs to market.

Results demonstrated:
Treatments Control Ambitine™ FT components P value Difference
Day 115 WT, lb 229.7 231.2    
Final WT (d 143), lb 276.1a 281.7b 0.1 5.6 lb (↑2%)
Day 115 – 143        
   ADG, lb 1.68 1.78 0.15 ↑5.9%
   ADFI, lb 6.16 6.40    
   F:G 3.67 3.62   ↓1.4%
abMeans in the same row with different superscripts differ P < 0.1       (WF001) 2014      

Packaging and Codes

Bags, net weight 50 pounds. Code A20153A0 



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